Should you get a personal Loan through the internet?

Everything is processed through the internet online , through a simple and easy system.

prestamo personal ing

In order to request a loan , you do not have to change banks or direct your payroll with them, although doing so has many added benefits. You just have to open the Account where the money will be deposited and the fees will be charged.

The speed and simplicity of the transactions is a mark of identity of this bank that offers various types of loans aimed at buying a car, to carry out studies, renovations or to cover any unforeseen event. You indicate how much you want and how long you want to return it.


You must fill out the online application and indicate your monthly income and the expenses you have per month, among which you must refer to mortgages, rentals, supplies, cards, etc.

You must provide payroll or pension and DNI along with the opening form. Since you have it approved you have to confirm that you want to hire it and once you have a list the documentation can be picked up by a courier who pays the company or deliver it in one of its offices. The next thing will be to receive the money in your Account .

No commissions on your personal loan.

It is one of its greatest advantages, since it does not charge you for the opening of the account and the loan , nor for the partial amortization of your loan or early cancellation.

Request a loan.

This advertising campaign in which they reminded us that asking them for a loan, even if we had another bank, was not infidelity, it was a success that they continue to exploit so it is possible to contract with this entity loans without having any other service contracted with them .

From 5.95% TIN (6.11% APR). Without commissions and without domiciling your payroll, and as they announce, in less than 15 minutes and everything online. Through the simulator you can calculate your fees and through the web provide the documents you are asked to confirm your data and income and assess whether the viability of the loan.

In recent years has opened an office on the street where, if you prefer, you can perform the same tasks as on the web.


Immediate online loans can only be applied for by employees and pensioners.

If it turns out that you are self-employed or have an SME, you can request another type of loan that offers, such as Business Loans .

Loan providers offers you quick loans between € 3000 and € 60000 with a maturity of 12 to 45 months. You only have to select the desired amount and the due date of the loan and they indicate the amount you are going to pay each month.

Mortgage Loans: Mortgage variable.

With the Mortgage Loan , they offer us for the purchase of a house from Euribor + 0.99% 1, 99% TIN first year (1.77% APR Variable). Up to 80% of the appraised value for first homes and up to 75% for second homes, always with a minimum of € 50,000 and up to 40 years to repay it, provided that at maturity the age of any of the owners does not exceed 75 years.

The best thing is that they offer 0% opening commission , 0% for compensation for partial or total withdrawal, in addition to allowing us to advance payments and cancel mortgage when we want without cost. 0% commission by subrogation

Loan Simulator with amortization chart.

Loan providers on its website the possibility of knowing at all times the amount of our quota and the terms in which we will amortize it. Both for personal loans, microloans or mortgages. Because in this way you will always know, before embarking, how much we are talking about. Find out at each moment about the amount you pay capital and interest.

In this Loan calculator identical to the one used by Ing, you have the possibility to make your own calculations before speaking with the bank or submitting the online application on your form. This simulator is very simple.
Try it You just have to enter the amount you need, an assumption of interest rate and the estimated time you can deolver the money. The calculator shows you the fee to pay each month and a repayment table with the detail of what corresponds to capita and interests.

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