Paying your debts free on your loan: How does it work?

Refunding free of charge is one of the advantages of borrowing money from us. You will reduce debt by paying extra on your loan.

 How often can I pay my loan earlier?

A nice idea, because you paid off your loan earlier. With us you can always redeem earlier. We do not charge fees or fines for this. There are lenders where you can not redeem for free. We notice that the subject of fines-free repayment is not equally clear to everyone. us understands very well that you want to know exactly how this works before you take out a loan. That is why we are happy to explain below how you can pay off without penalty with us and how you can easily arrange this yourself.

Can I pay off earlier and are there costs involved?

With us you can always redeem earlier. We do not charge costs or fines for this. Paying back earlier is always free of charge with us. This applies to both a Personal loan and a revolving credit.

How often can I pay my loan earlier?

You may redeem the loan as often as you wish. Do you have a financial windfall or are you going to increase your salary in the future, for example? Then you can also pay extra for a structural extra. As stated earlier, us does not charge costs or fines for this.

How much can I pay off without penalty?

Do you have a financial windfall? And can you fully pay off your loan earlier? Certainly do! us does not charge costs or fines for this. You can also partially repay the loan With us, for example if you have an extra month.

What about the cost of the loan if I have made an extra repayment on my loan?

If you pay extra, the total cost of your loan will be reduced because the term of the loan will be shorter. This means you pay less interest and thus the total costs automatically fall. The monthly amount of your loan does not change, this remains the same. The term of your loan does change. You are therefore ready to pay off your loan earlier than agreed.

What are the benefits of a penalty-free repayment?

  • You pay less interest.
  • The total debt of your loan will be reduced, the total costs will be reduced.
  • The term of the loan will be shorter.

How can I pay off my loan sooner?

There are two ways to redeem earlier With us:

You can easily arrange your extra repayment online. Easy & convenient in a few steps:
1. If you are logged in you can pay a one-off payment via iDeal.
2. Enter how much you want to pay extra and choose your bank.
3. Your completed data will be shown. Choose to pay.
4. You will be redirected to your banking environment and you can complete the payment.
5. Your payment will be processed within 4 business days in recent transactions. This can take up to a day.

How long does it take before my repayment is processed?

Usually repayment is processed within a few working days. This depends on the processing time of your bank.

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