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Should you get a personal Loan through the internet?

Everything is processed through the internet online , through a simple and easy system.

prestamo personal ing

In order to request a loan , you do not have to change banks or direct your payroll with them, although doing so has many added benefits. You just have to open the Account where the money will be deposited and the fees will be charged.

The speed and simplicity of the transactions is a mark of identity of this bank that offers various types of loans aimed at buying a car, to carry out studies, renovations or to cover any unforeseen event. You indicate how much you want and how long you want to return it.


You must fill out the online application and indicate your monthly income and the expenses you have per month, among which you must refer to mortgages, rentals, supplies, cards, etc.

You must provide payroll or pension and DNI along with the opening form. Since you have it approved you have to confirm that you want to hire it and once you have a list the documentation can be picked up by a courier who pays the company or deliver it in one of its offices. The next thing will be to receive the money in your Account .

No commissions on your personal loan.

It is one of its greatest advantages, since it does not charge you for the opening of the account and the loan , nor for the partial amortization of your loan or early cancellation.

Request a loan.

This advertising campaign in which they reminded us that asking them for a loan, even if we had another bank, was not infidelity, it was a success that they continue to exploit so it is possible to contract with this entity loans without having any other service contracted with them .

From 5.95% TIN (6.11% APR). Without commissions and without domiciling your payroll, and as they announce, in less than 15 minutes and everything online. Through the simulator you can calculate your fees and through the web provide the documents you are asked to confirm your data and income and assess whether the viability of the loan.

In recent years has opened an office on the street where, if you prefer, you can perform the same tasks as on the web.


Immediate online loans can only be applied for by employees and pensioners.

If it turns out that you are self-employed or have an SME, you can request another type of loan that offers, such as Business Loans .

Loan providers offers you quick loans between € 3000 and € 60000 with a maturity of 12 to 45 months. You only have to select the desired amount and the due date of the loan and they indicate the amount you are going to pay each month.

Mortgage Loans: Mortgage variable.

With the Mortgage Loan , they offer us for the purchase of a house from Euribor + 0.99% 1, 99% TIN first year (1.77% APR Variable). Up to 80% of the appraised value for first homes and up to 75% for second homes, always with a minimum of € 50,000 and up to 40 years to repay it, provided that at maturity the age of any of the owners does not exceed 75 years.

The best thing is that they offer 0% opening commission , 0% for compensation for partial or total withdrawal, in addition to allowing us to advance payments and cancel mortgage when we want without cost. 0% commission by subrogation

Loan Simulator with amortization chart.

Loan providers on its website the possibility of knowing at all times the amount of our quota and the terms in which we will amortize it. Both for personal loans, microloans or mortgages. Because in this way you will always know, before embarking, how much we are talking about. Find out at each moment about the amount you pay capital and interest.

In this Loan calculator identical to the one used by Ing, you have the possibility to make your own calculations before speaking with the bank or submitting the online application on your form. This simulator is very simple.
Try it You just have to enter the amount you need, an assumption of interest rate and the estimated time you can deolver the money. The calculator shows you the fee to pay each month and a repayment table with the detail of what corresponds to capita and interests.

Interest personal loan tax deductible when renovating house

Personal loan for renovation can be cheaper

If you grow your house then the value of the house will go up and you will also experience more living pleasure. If you have not saved enough money to finance the renovation, you could take out a personal loan . What many people do not know is that the interest on the personal loan is tax-deductible, just as with the mortgage.

Interest tax deductible

If you want to borrow money for the renovation of your house, you can choose from several types of loans. Most people will take out a new loan within their mortgage. The reason is that the interest rate is lower than when taking out a personal loan and is tax deductible. In many cases, the choice of a new loan within the mortgage is not the best option. With a new loan within the mortgage, there are always additional costs such as consultancy, valuation and notary costs. Despite the low interest rates on the mortgage , these costs will not always be compensated. It is just how much money you will spend on the renovation. You could take out a personal loan and in many cases the interest is also tax deductible.

Personal loan

With the personal loan you will have to deal with a fixed interest rate and term, in contrast to the revolving credit. You pay a fixed monthly amount and despite the fact that the interest rate is higher than with a mortgage, taking out a personal loan can be cheaper for you. There are no extra costs involved.

When is the interest deductible?

The interest on the personal loan is only tax deductible if you use the loan for a renovation and the loan will pay off according to a fixed schedule. In this case you can take out a mortgage or a personal loan. The interest on a revolving credit is not tax deductible because you can always withdraw money up to your credit limit. If you want to know exactly what the tax-deductible loan is, then you should check the website of the tax authorities. So if you are going to renovate your house and you do not have extra space within your mortgage or do not want to take out an extra mortgage, the personal loan is a good option.

Fast Loans – No commissions or interests

Getting a loan sometimes is a difficult task especially if our income is not very high or if our job is not with a fixed contract.

Free Loans without Interest

But it is more difficult to find a credit instantly and without paying interest or commissions but the million dollar question:

Is it possible to get Instant Credits without paying interest?

Information you will find here:

  • 1 Is it possible to get Instant Credits without paying interest?
  • 2 Documents needed to request a Free Credit without Commissions
  • 3 Requirements to Comply to obtain MIniLoans Free
  • 4 Advantages and Disadvantages of the Free Loans
  • 5 What happens if you do not pay a free loan?

So at first glance, the logical answer will be negative. No one will lend their money without receiving compensation in return. Neither private lenders nor banks and financiers.

So why do we find ads and free loan advertising without interest ?
In some cases, the reason is that they do not receive interest but if they charge a one-time commission that entails a higher cost than if we paid the corresponding interest. This type of operations usually only occur in Free Fast Mini-credits that grant small amounts to return in the short term. The most general expiration at 30 days.
The same happens in the case of banks when they make a payroll advance . They do not charge interest but they receive a commission and the cancellation of the advance loan coincides with the collection of the payroll or pension.
In both cases it can not be considered that they have granted us a free Credit without interest or commissions since they have charged us for some of the concepts.
However, if there are online financial companies that offer zero interests and no commissions. Sometimes, in order to promote their brand and make themselves known in the market, they announce a first free operation as a hook to pay in 30 days and start charging in successive operations. Generally in these cases Free Fast Microcredits of 300 Euros maximum are granted.

Documents needed to request a Free Credit without Commissions

The documents that we have to present if we request a Loan Without interests or commissions are the same ones that are used for the rest of the Financing Transactions and among the most important ones we quote:
– Photocopy of the DNI in the case of Spaniards or Resident Card if you are a foreigner living in Spain.
– Proof of income that can be payroll, pension, rent and rents, aid, unemployment, etc.
– Bank movements at least 6 months to demonstrate our income and expenses.
– Contract of work and working life especially if the work contract is temporary.
Although the credit granted is without commissions or interest , we must demonstrate to the financial institution that we can meet the payment at the agreed maturity and not only to fulfill our commitment to the lender but also for the damages that the non-payment could cause us to be included in records of defaulters and close the doors ourselves for future requests for money.

Requirements to Comply to obtain MIniLoans Free

Not all companies ask for the same requirements or meet certain conditions to grant Free Loans without charging interest or commissions . But if they tend to be coincident in almost all online financial:
– Free Credits are granted only to new customers . As mentioned above, the fact of offering free money is motivated by commercial reasons to attract customers and to be known in the market and therefore, they are willing to grant loans at zero interest in the first transaction. If the applicant has already obtained another loan, he or she would have to look for another company or a different financial company where they do not have their data registered.
– Another essential requirement is to be a resident in Spain that will be justified by presenting the current ID or the Resident Card. Expired documents are not accepted.
– Have monthly or other periodic income sufficient to be able to return the borrowed money. It is not essential that the income be payroll to get the free credit since it serves another form of income provided it is demonstrable.
– Not appear in lists of defaulters and especially not appear in the Asnef registry. However it is also possible to get free Loans while at Asnef . In our linked page we explain you extensively the Credits with Asnef.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Free Loans

When money is needed , the most demanded products are the Free Quick Mini-loans , the Credit Cards , the Payroll Advance and, if it is a larger amount, the Personal Loans .
Each of the alternatives has its advantages and disadvantages:
– Being Free Fast Credits , the main advantage is that we only have to return the borrowed money at the agreed maturity. That is, you ask for 300 euros and a month you return the 300 euros.
– Another great advantage of Microcredits is that they are granted without too much paperwork and with few documents. They are searched on the Internet as Quick Loans without paperwork .
– It is not necessary to present other guarantors or guarantors. It is enough with the solvency of the applicant demonstrating recurring income. They are Minicréditos Without payroll and without endorsement
– In case of not being able to pay at maturity, it is sometimes possible to request an extension. When you can not pay, it is always advisable to inform the finance company and negotiate a deferment.
– They can be ordered even without a salary or pension. These companies admit other types of income such as grants, unemployment, rents, rents, etc.
Among the disadvantages we can mention that the return period is very short so we must take into account our possibilities of returning the money to avoid major problems.
Another disadvantage is the high cost of interest that successive operations have, obviously without taking into account the case of the first operation when it is free.

What happens if you do not pay a free loan?

The fact that they grant us a Free Credit without paying interest or commissions does not mean that we do not have to pay back the borrowed money. Upon receipt of the funds, as in all credits, a contract is signed specifying the conditions to be met by both parties, including those relating to possible defaults:
– Interest in delay . As we have indicated, the loan is free and does not have interest but they will charge quite expensive interest in case of not paying at the expiration.
– At the same time, if we do not pay, they will include us in the RAI and Asnef Loan Registries , which may be more serious since we will close our own doors to ask for money again because the banks deny any operation with Asnef.
– The contract also specifies that they would charge a commission for each payment claim they send us. And the corresponding expenses if they claim the debt through the courts.

Urgent Mini loan

The urgent mini loan is specially designed for people who need urgent money.

In Mini Loan we are fully aware that there are times in life when money is needed in a timely manner due to the unexpected nature of life, unexpected emergencies of money, and that we can not request from anyone.

In Mini Loan we have thought that for those moments in which we need urgent loan, our users want to compare what fast loan interests them the most, and for that reason we have created our platform. The platform has been developed by a team of engineers who not only know the number and data, but like you, understand that sometimes there are surprises and when money is needed you have to get it quickly, without questions and with reliable companies.

Therefore, we look for companies that do not make long questionnaires, long queues, or eternal application processes. We look for companies that are there when they are needed, in those delicate moments, and that deal with the most confidential matters that are going to be treated.

Therefore, when these moments arrive, do not hesitate, visit our website and compare what micro loan suits you the most. Remember to see what days these online personal loans companies are operating, as well as see what the commissions are for the amount of money we need and with the date that we will return it.


“I needed urgent loan due to a last minute incident, searching the internet I found Mini Loan and I could choose between several mini loan companies. Do not hesitate, I chose the one that offered the best interest for my operation. I have it clear, I recommend Mini Loan . “

You see, many users seek the urgent loan that best suits their needs, some are looking for companies that operate on weekends, others that offer specific amounts, such as 327 euros, others that give the best list of interests and others that give them attend to physical persons. You can see all this from Mini Loan .

Mini loans without BKR, Find out how

There can always be something unexpected that makes you urgently need money.

 Conditions for Mini loan without BKR

Fortunately, you always have the opportunity to borrow money. This can be done in many different ways. For example, there are numerous lenders that you want to borrow, under certain conditions. Others prefer to borrow money from a family member or a close friend. Then of course that should be possible. This has the advantage, for example, that you do not receive a BKR registration. Sometimes it is also possible to take out a loan without registration. For example, you can close a mini-loan without BKR.

Mini loan without BKR a good solution for unexpected expenses

Mini loan have become increasingly popular in recent years and are especially suitable when you need a small amount of money in the short term. For example, if a household appliance fails and you do not have money available immediately to buy a new one. You can not do without a washing machine or vacuum cleaner, so you have to get the money from somewhere. A mini-loan is then the ideal solution. You borrow a small amount that you have to pay back in a relatively short time. Often a lot of interest is charged. A mini loan without BKR is also often closed by people who at the end of the month have just too little money to make ends meet.

Conditions for borrowing money

If you want to borrow a sum of money from a lender, there are often certain conditions attached to it. As a result, not everyone can spend money. For example, your application will look at your payment history. Do you have other loans, for example, or do you have bills open? Then there is a chance that your loan will be rejected. You will also look at your current financial situation and on this basis you often make a risk analysis. For example, your monthly income and expenses play an important role. Finally, it is almost always checked whether you have a BKR registration. Incidentally, you can in some cases conclude a mini-loan without BKR.

Conditions for Mini loan without BKR

The nice thing about a mini loan is that the conditions here are often much smoother than with ordinary loans. This of course has to do with the fact that you borrow a much lower amount, with which the lender also takes less risk. These flexible conditions do not only mean that you can take out a min loan without BKR. Often a miniature loan is much easier to provide. You do not look at your financial situation extensively. As a result, almost everyone can take out a mini-loan. Most mini-provider providers only have two conditions. You must be at least 18 or 21 years old, depending on the provider. In addition, you also need to have a monthly income.

What is BKR?

A mini-loan without BKR may sound attractive, but what exactly is BKR? BKR stands for Bureau Krediet Registratie. Here everyone is kept exactly what loans and loans you have. This creates a total overview of debts and loans per person. This is to try to prevent people from having major financial problems. That works pretty well. As a result, you can not conclude numerous loans simultaneously with various lenders. With your application, you will immediately see whether you are registered with BKR and what exactly that registration means. As a result, it is decided whether your application is approved or not. Sometimes, however, you can take out a mini loan without BKR.

What is registered and not registered?

There is still some confusion about whether or not you get a BKR registration. You are positively registered when you take out a loan, but also if you use a credit card or use a credit limit on your bank account and sometimes turn red. Also when you go online shopping where you pay later, a BKR registration follows. Finally, this also applies to a private lease arrangement. As long as you pay nicely, the registration remains positive. If you build up a backlog, it becomes negative. Your mortgage will only be registered with the BKR if it is negative. This means that this only happens if you have a payment arrears of three months.

Mini-loan without BKR assessment

In many cases you can take out a mini loan without BKR. That is of course so nice. In concrete terms, this means that the provider of the mini-loan will not test whether and in which way you are registered with BKR. A mini-loan without BKR is therefore ideal for people who are registered but still need money in the short term. The providers of minilights opt for this because they take less risk with borrowing a small amount. If you opt for a mini-loan without BKR assessment, you will at least be certain that your payment history and other loans will not be looked at. So in principle you can take out a mini loan without BKR in addition to another loan.

Mini loan without BKR registration

Moreover, it is not just about the assessment that a lender makes before the loan. A mini-loan without BKR registration is of course also very useful. Many people prefer not to be registered with BKR, although that is very difficult today. But if you are registered, preferably with a credit card or leasing a car. You can easily close a mini loan without BKR registration. This means that the conclusion of this loan is not reported to the BKR so that other people can not see that you have taken out the loan. A mini-loan without BKR registration is quite popular.

Other advantages of a mini-loan

The fact that a mini-loan without BKR has no consequences for your future is perhaps the biggest advantage. However, a mini-loan has even more advantages. So you often decide for yourself what the term is, although in most cases it is relatively short. You can also arrange it quickly and effectively. With some providers it is even possible to have money in your account within 24 hours. That is of course handy if you need the money quickly

Paying your debts free on your loan: How does it work?

Refunding free of charge is one of the advantages of borrowing money from us. You will reduce debt by paying extra on your loan.

 How often can I pay my loan earlier?

A nice idea, because you paid off your loan earlier. With us you can always redeem earlier. We do not charge fees or fines for this. There are lenders where you can not redeem for free. We notice that the subject of fines-free repayment is not equally clear to everyone. us understands very well that you want to know exactly how this works before you take out a loan. That is why we are happy to explain below how you can pay off without penalty with us and how you can easily arrange this yourself.

Can I pay off earlier and are there costs involved?

With us you can always redeem earlier. We do not charge costs or fines for this. Paying back earlier is always free of charge with us. This applies to both a Personal loan and a revolving credit.

How often can I pay my loan earlier?

You may redeem the loan as often as you wish. Do you have a financial windfall or are you going to increase your salary in the future, for example? Then you can also pay extra for a structural extra. As stated earlier, us does not charge costs or fines for this.

How much can I pay off without penalty?

Do you have a financial windfall? And can you fully pay off your loan earlier? Certainly do! us does not charge costs or fines for this. You can also partially repay the loan With us, for example if you have an extra month.

What about the cost of the loan if I have made an extra repayment on my loan?

If you pay extra, the total cost of your loan will be reduced because the term of the loan will be shorter. This means you pay less interest and thus the total costs automatically fall. The monthly amount of your loan does not change, this remains the same. The term of your loan does change. You are therefore ready to pay off your loan earlier than agreed.

What are the benefits of a penalty-free repayment?

  • You pay less interest.
  • The total debt of your loan will be reduced, the total costs will be reduced.
  • The term of the loan will be shorter.

How can I pay off my loan sooner?

There are two ways to redeem earlier With us:

You can easily arrange your extra repayment online. Easy & convenient in a few steps:
1. If you are logged in you can pay a one-off payment via iDeal.
2. Enter how much you want to pay extra and choose your bank.
3. Your completed data will be shown. Choose to pay.
4. You will be redirected to your banking environment and you can complete the payment.
5. Your payment will be processed within 4 business days in recent transactions. This can take up to a day.

How long does it take before my repayment is processed?

Usually repayment is processed within a few working days. This depends on the processing time of your bank.

Quick borrowing with loan, the ideal solution for unforeseen costs

Loan – the ideal solution for unforeseen costs

 Quick borrowing through a revolving credit

Everyone has a financial setback or simply a more expensive month or even a more expensive year. All bills come at the same time, the car does not pass the inspection and your rent goes up. But not only high expenditure can lead to a financial setback; You can also have to deal with an unexpected reorganization where you have to surrender a lot in the hours that you can work. In short, everyone has a situation where you urgently need money. In such a situation, a loan can offer a solution. But a loan is sometimes not arranged so quickly. This involves a lot of administration and control and that takes time that you simply simply do not have. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to borrow money in a faster way in many places. This offers a solution for those who do not need much extra but need something extra quickly. But what is involved in quickly borrowing money?

Borrow quickly with a personal loan

If you want to borrow money quickly, you can choose from different options. The first option is a personal loan. This amounts to a one-off loan of a larger amount. You pay this amount monthly over an agreed period at an agreed interest rate. The advantage of this is that the interest rate can not change in the meantime and the fixed amount per month has been fixed in advance. However, early repayment is fined and you have a relatively high interest rate. It is also not possible to borrow. This is a good choice, for example, when you have insight into your future situation, during which you are in a financially difficult situation during a considerable period of time, which gradually stabilizes.

Quick borrowing through a revolving credit

You can also opt for a revolving credit. This is a more flexible way of borrowing, where you can withdraw money in the meantime. The loan amount is therefore not fixed in advance, only a maximum. A disadvantage is that the interest can not be fixed in advance and can therefore unexpectedly turn out higher. It can also take a long time to repay such a loan.

Quickly borrow with a mini-loan

You can also opt for a mini-loan. This is especially practical for very quick matters, since the amount is always quickly on your account, sometimes even within ten minutes. The speed has partly to do with the fact that there is no BKR-test with a mini-loan, which for some is an advantage in itself. It is therefore also possible for people with a negative BKR registration to take out a mini-loan. As the name suggests, a disadvantage is that you have a very low maximum for your loan, usually 750 euros. The advantage of this is of course that the debt remains clear. On the other hand, the interest on this debt is relatively high. A fast repayment is often also expected, which sometimes comes down to a few weeks to repay. However, this can be a good solution for some financial setbacks when they are unexpected.

Always contact an expert in the field of money matters

As shown above, there is a different loan for each situation that suits you. Remember that whatever form of borrowing you choose, borrowing money always costs money. You have to deal with interest rates and it is therefore important to always think first of whether borrowing money is the only option to a better financial situation. If you have money problems, it is wise to contact a financial advisor. When you provide this person with insight into your own financial affairs and administration, you can jointly see whether a loan is the best option or whether you can improve your financial situation in other ways. It is important to remember that borrowing money costs money. When you choose a loan, the above options are safe methods to borrow money if you close them in consultation. Always keep in mind that the possibilities for borrowing depend on your own situation, such as your BKR registration, your living situation, your salary and your employment contract.