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Monthly Archives: December 2018

Hassle free quick loans – few documents needed

Are there loans without paperwork? or the possibility of asking for a loan without submitting much documentation?

 Loans without papers

Well, in reality there are no banks or financiers who grant loans without submitting documents , although what is possible is that they process Fast Mini-loans asking for very few papers or minimums, for example, a copy of the ID and a proof of what we charge, whether it is payroll or pension. or other income.

What are the requirements for granting undocumented loans?

Although in the granting of Mini loans without paperwork are few documents that ask, at least we should have prepared the following:
– Essential DNI or photocopy . It is the best way to identify the applicant and have their personal data. In the case of foreigners, the current resident card.
– You have to have monthly income or periodically and sufficient to meet the payment of the fee or the total capital at maturity.
– You must be a resident in Spain . No loans will be granted to foreigners unless they have the residence card duly legalized in Spain.
– Always ask to have an email and an operational mobile phone number to receive the information and communications.
– Not be in Registries of Defaulters.

Documents required when requesting Fast loans without papers

It may seem an incongruity to ask for fast loans without papers and to talk about the necessary documents to request this financing, but the certain thing is that there are certain documents without which the financial one will not process the credit:
– Photocopy of the DNI that must be without expiring in the case of the Spanish. If it is a foreigner living in Spain, Resident Card duly legalized and in force.
– Copy of the payroll or pension if you work as an employee or if you are a retiree or pensionsita. Other supporting documents if the income is of another nature such as grants, rent, rent, unemployment etc.
– It is convenient to have prepared a bank statement with the movements of your account in recent months.
– In the case of loans for freelancers, it is more complicated to get fast microloans without papers because they can not show periodic income since they are dependent on an accounting of business income and expenses.
The documents can be sent scanned to the financial one to the mail that they indicate to them at the moment of communicating the approval of the loan.

Loans without papers

Is it possible to get quick mini-loans without a lot of paperwork while being on lists?
The answer is yes but with reservations. We have already mentioned on our Loans page that it is possible to get a loan by being on the defaulter list as long as the amount of the unpaid debt is of small amount and the reason for it is not for not having paid another loan or a loan. credit card.
Financial companies are usually understandable when granting mini-loans with when the cause of the annotation is for telephone, electricity or subscriptions to television channels and other low-value consumer products. It is understood that there may be disagreements in the billing or have received a bad service.

Fast Loans without paperwork and Reliable

Internet is a good place to buy any object and to be informed of any topic and also to look for money to Loan. But at the same time taking advantage of the anonymity is a channel very given to take place scams, frauds and scams .
Therefore, to ask for loans instantly with little paperwork and that are reliable, safe and not to be deceived, we must take the necessary precautions and follow these tips:
– Ignore offers you receive by mail, or from facebook. Scammers take data from ads or comments that are posted on forums and web ads.
– Do not send money in cash or by Wester Union or any other system before receiving the money from an already requested credit.
– You only have to request the mini-loans through the form of the web page of the online financial company that is clear about your legal notice with address, NIF, telephone number and Company Register.

The era of online loans

Let’s review the current social situation: we are in the age of the Internet – the era of online loans.

online loans

In a globalized world in which each day lives faster; gripped by an economic crisis that, among many other effects, has dwarfed the spending capacity of people and has caused banks to impose conditions, sometimes leonines, when lending money. Starting from all these premises, it is logical that, also, we are in the era of online loans .

It is the tightening of banking requirements, the main germ that led to the emergence of a number of financial institutions whose offer is based on these fast online loans, without guarantees and without bureaucracy.

The origin of this type of product can be established in the microcredits that have been commercialized for years. These are usually granted to certain communities (usually disadvantaged) to carry out a project aimed at improving their standard of living: basic aspects such as obtaining water or creating a school are susceptible to financing thanks to these microcredits.

Saving the distances, they could be considered as the parents of fast online loans. The main difference, however, is that the latter should not have a final goal to fulfill to argue their need.

There are many entities where you can find loans online. Increasingly. And it is not surprising that they continue to appear while the crisis continues to visit us with impious intentions. In this article we want to mention one of these companies: .

Online loans

Among financial institutions specialized in marketing this variety of loans, is one of the most famous and respected. Customers who bet on it are usually really satisfied with its seriousness and simple operation.

On the website we can inform you of all the vicissitudes of the different products marketed. With regard to quick loans, there is the possibility of requesting up to 400 euros with a return period of 30 days.

Companies offers online loans quickly and flexibly. A transparent service allows you to see the total cost of your loan online before making the request. There are no hidden or additional expenses, if you return it within the established period.

It is the last line of the previous paragraph that must be taken into account. These products are very advisable, as long as we are sure of being able to refund the amount requested within the time stipulated. Otherwise, we will have complementary expenses. From somewhere these companies have to take money, right?

What is a mini-loan?

We speak of a mini loan when it comes to a loan that you take out with an organization up to a maximum of 1500 euros.

 Why a mini loan?Why a mini loan?

That can be very different per provider. With some lenders you can only choose certain standard amounts, with the maximum amount different. In almost all cases, however, you can not borrow more than 1500 euros if you want to take out a mini loan. There are several lenders online who can offer a mini loan. In any case, it is wise to not immediately take out such a loan, but first look carefully at what exactly you are doing and what the conditions are.

Why a mini loan?

There are many reasons why you should close a mini-loan. In most cases it is really necessary. For example, if you have a very expensive month in December and actually just a little short. A mini loan offers the solution and you can then easily pay back in January. Or something is broken that really needs to be replaced but you do not have money. Think for example of washing machine or certain parts of the car. In that case, a mini-loan can also offer a solution.

Unexpected expenses can not be paid directly for everyone. The nice thing about miniClyde Griffiths is that you can request it immediately when you need it and that you can solve problems with it. Moreover, you are not stuck with something for years, but of course you pay it back as soon as possible!

The conditions of a mini loan

Incidentally, it is not possible for everyone to just take out a mini-loan. There are almost always certain conditions set. Although these conditions differ per provider, they usually come down to the same aspects. Think, for example, of your age. For many providers of mini-exercises you must be at least 21 and in others, 18 is the minimum age. We also often look at your salary. If you do not have monthly income, it is logical that you can not just borrow money. The lender must be able to assume that you are paying back the borrowed money. You may also not have a bad payment history with these or other lenders.

BKR Assessment when concluding a mini-loan

Almost every loan that you take out in the Netherlands is registered with the Credit Registration Office (BKR). In this way, every Dutch citizen is kept track of how much debt he or she has. That is an effective way to prevent you from getting deeper and deeper into debt. Only a government study debt is not registered with the BKR. When you want to take out a loan, the lender often checks whether you are registered with the BKR. On this basis, the application can be refused. This can also happen with a mini-loan. However, there are also lenders who indicate that they do not look at a possible BKR registration with a mini-loan. With these providers you can even conclude a mini loan with BKR. 15

Fast money at home with a mini loan!

The biggest advantage of mini-exercises? That is without doubt the fact that you can arrange it incredibly quickly. When you want to borrow a large amount, various appointments and weeks often pass over it. That is not surprising. However, you can close a mini loan online very quickly. You enter some information about yourself and in some cases you also have to upload some papers or send them by email. Once you have done this, your application will be reviewed by the provider of the mini-loans. If this approves your application, the money will also be transferred immediately. As a result, in many cases you can arrange a small loan within 24 hours! And that without being out of the house.

Interest, term and guarantee for a mini loan

Interest is also included in mini loans. In fact, the interest of a mini-loan is generally quite high. Because you usually have to repay the interest fairly quickly and it is about a low amount, interest rates are sometimes counted up to 14%. The provider also wants to earn money. Some lenders do not charge interest on a mini loan but ask a fixed amount on top of the borrowed money that you have to pay back.

The term for mini-exercises is relatively short. In most cases you have 30 days to pay back. With some providers you can opt for a longer term such as 60 or 90 days. In that case, however, the interest also goes up. There are also lenders who ask for a guarantee when you take out a loan. If you do not have one, you can request it from a company that is linked to the lender. However, you pay extra money for that.

Urgent loan today: options without payroll

Get urgent loan today is feasible in just a few minutes, without payroll.

But I also want to show you the interest that you will have to pay, as well as the responsible use that you must have when requesting this type of loans so that the debt ball does not get bigger every day.

Urgent loan today: get it without interest

To get urgent money for today, if you are not on the delinquency list, there are interesting options for new clients that I recommend taking advantage of, since it will allow you to get your first loan for free (interest, not borrowed money, of course).

The first option I recommend is a portal that saved me the end of the month before collecting the payroll: Vivus.

In Vivus, if it is the first time you ask for the loan, you can get up to 300 euros without having to pay interest:


Another portal that also has this offer for new customers is  , which allows you to get up to 1000 euros to be returned within 30 days without interest.

These two options that I have commented are not valid for clients that are in , since they will deny the loan with total security

Urgent loan without payroll being at : is it possible?

When we can no longer take advantage of these offers without interest, to continue being in , getting money from these portals is quite difficult, but not impossible. As I commented in a previous article, it is possible to obtain money if you are basically in for a debt of less than 1000 euros, from a single debtor and that is not a bank. If you are looking for a loan with   but you fulfill theprevious premises , then there are portals that will give you money (yes, to market interests of this type of loan portals), which can help you to pass the bump.

One of the best known that accepts this type of loans in , with which you can get up to 400 euros to return in 15 days.

Finally, I have to point out the responsibility that you must have when applying for this type of loan. The bad thing is that they have to be repaid, and not doing so on time causes the debt to accumulate due to non-payments, so you must have a certain source of income in the future and use this type of loans responsibly, since the Non-payment can add considerably to the debt.

In short, it is possible to get urgent money quickly, even when you are in and without being asked for additional payroll or paperwork, so I hope that this review has given you ideas about some portals where you can easily get it.

Mini loans to pay debts legally

Online mini-loans or small digital loans have many uses.

dinero para pagar deudas

We in particular would be happy that our services were only used to travel with family, back to school or Christmas gifts. Unfortunately they are not always used for this and there are times when they are urgent. In this case, many friends request money to pay debts or for sensitive health situations. If you have made your request to end those debts, we want to warn you of possible consequences and why you have to request it with us if you need it.

Our transparency your confidence

Debts are not a dish of good taste for anyone. So if you are already in the situation of claiming your money to pay debts we want to offer you the possibility of doing so with a transparent, legal platform dedicated to our customers and friends. Our transparency can be a good vehicle of confidence to carry out your requests and is that in the same way that you can request your mini-credits for travel, you can also use your right to request it to end your debts.


In our platform, as you may have read in our blog, we give you the opportunity to request your online micro loans with debts. Although with certain limitations. One of them is that these debts are not linked with financial entities, that is, with banks. We understand that a small debt with your phone company for some bureaucracy or a money that was left in the oblivion are not reasons not to give green way to your mini-credits. But instead, we understand that if your debts are of a considerable amount or are related to the payment of bank products, we can not enable such small loans. Either for money to pay debts or for a trip in summer.

Financial solutions

In our company, we offer solutions. Our friends who already know our products know that with the following services, our conditions improve and expand. After your first mini-loan, the conditions are extended in time and quantities and that is your confidence is the best of our satisfactions. With our blog you will find thousands of ideas to enjoy our mini-credits, to save and if you need it, have your money to pay debts when you need it.


Now that you know a little better about our conditions and how to use our platform to get money to pay debts, we want to show you other opportunities you can have with us. We want you to travel with your family, we want you to play sports with your favorite gadgets and hobbies. We also invite you not to leave your hobbies, photography, painting or whatever you like. Whatever it is, we want you to enjoy life and if you need it, know that you and your friends will always have the possibility of having our services.

Digital mini-loans a real option

Fortunately digital mini-loans are a reality for our friends and customers.

Minicréditos para estudiantes

Today we want to present you some of these advantages of the digital micro loans that you will find in our platform and that thanks to technology and the Internet, they are closer to you every day!

Your digital mini-loans in minutes

Many years ago you had to go to the bank for every little action or consult with your banker. Now technology allows us not to have to get out of bed and is that with our online platform you can have your money in a matter of minutes, but this is just one of the advantages of the fact that now the bank mini-loans are digital. And in minicreditos en lí we want to offer you the best solutions and without a doubt, speed is. Fill in the form, specify quantity and deadlines and wait a few minutes … Your money is on the way!

Digital security

On other occasions we have invited you to meet the great minicredit team behind our platform, but today we want to make you see that your money and your data are totally secure under our protection. With a group like Friendly Finance behind our minicreditos gives us the possibility to make sure that there will be no problem with your digital mini-loans. Before they were stored in a folder or file that any hacker could access, in Harry we have your data under maximum security. And for us, you are the most important thing.

From mobile, tablet and computer

The possibilities of Internet are many, but one of the most outstanding is the possibility of making them from your Tablet, from your mobile or from your computer. This is possible due to the adaptation systems of our website to the different devices that users use. Some of our friends prefer to order their digital mini-loans in the subway on the way to work, from the mobile phone on the sofa at home or with your computer while also consulting our blog. The options are so many that only you can decide which one is best for you.

3 steps and ready

Digital mini-loans have changed the market for this type of small loans. Now you do not need long bureaucracies, or paperwork to get these instant mini-loans. At minicreditos en lí we have a fast, transparent and efficient system. You just have to fill out the form that you will find on our website, select deadlines and quantities and wait a few minutes for our central team to validate the transfer. If you meet the conditions do not doubt that you will have your money in a few minutes in the account that you indicate.

This is something that our friends and customers appreciate and because of that, more and more of our friends are joining us and asking us for a home renovation, for a new bike or motorcycle or for your professional projects. Whatever it is, we will be happy to meet you and review your request. Remember that our mini-loans are also possible with debts in . We are here to serve you, inform yourself!

Personal loan

There are many situations to think of where it is more or less necessary to borrow money.

 What is a personal loan?

If you are lucky, you can do so with a wealthy friend or family member, but unfortunately not everyone is. In that case you will have to knock on a lender. There is of course a distinction between small and large amounts. This way you can easily take out a mini loan for a small amount. For example, if you want to buy a new washing machine or if a little bit of money is short. For larger amounts it is possible to take out a personal loan.

What is a personal loan?

You take out a personal loan when you need a relatively large amount at once for a particular purchase. It is a very clear way of borrowing money. You borrow a fixed amount that is paid into your bank account in its entirety. The term of the loan is fixed as well as the interest. During the term you pay a fixed amount each month as repayment. You know exactly where you stand and external circumstances do not affect the repayment schedule. This is, for example, the case with a revolving credit. In addition, both the term and the interest are flexible.

When to opt for a personal loan?

People often do not know whether they should opt for a personal loan or a revolving credit. Actually the choice is not that difficult. If you have a specific purpose for which you want to borrow the money and you also know exactly the costs in advance, it is wise to opt for a personal loan. An example of this is for example if you want to buy a new car. If, for example, you want to finance a refurbishment and you do not know exactly how much it will cost, it is probably more wise to opt for a revolving credit. The same applies if you would rather be able to withdraw the amounts already repaid.

Characteristics of a personal loan

What makes a personal loan actually a personal loan? There are several properties that are always applicable to this type of loan. Whether these characteristics are an advantage or a disadvantage depends on your own situation. The first characteristic is that with a personal loan you always have clarity beforehand. You know what you borrow, how much interest you pay and how much you have to pay per month. Although you can pay off in the interim, in some cases you pay a penalty interest to the lender. After all, they miss out on income from the interest. A third characteristic is that you can not take back your repaid amounts when you are equally tight. This is possible with, for example, continuous credit.

Duration of a personal loan

The term varies per loan. However, at the beginning of your personal loan it is immediately clear what the term is. You can also choose what you do yourself. Usually the minimum term is two years and you can pay a maximum of ten years on the repayment. In some cases it is even possible to choose a term of fifteen years. The longer the term, the lower the monthly costs. In principle, you pay less per month. However, the total costs are more because you pay interest over a longer period. It depends on your own situation for which duration you can choose the best. In any case, try to pay as much as possible per month so that you pay less interest.

Interest and repayment with a personal loan

On the basis of the amount that you borrow with your personal opinion and the term you choose to redeem, it is determined how much you have to pay back per month. You therefore have no say in that yourself. The amount you pay on a monthly basis is part of the repayment of your loan and for a part of the interest you pay on it. The interest is a fixed percentage that is always calculated on your outstanding debt. If you have repaid half of your loan, you only pay interest on the other half and not on the total amount of your loan. Because your monthly amount remains the same, the redemption part of it is getting bigger and interest is getting less and less.

Terms of a personal loan

Not everyone can just take out a personal loan. There are different standards attached to this. Usually you request a meeting with a lender and try to get an idea of ​​your financial situation in this conversation. Based on this, it is decided whether you can get a personal loan. Among other things, you check whether you have other loans, whether you are registered with the BKR and how much money you will receive per month. It is also possible that you can get a personal loan, but not the amount that you had in mind. In that case you have to settle for less.

Compare providers

Is your decision confirmed and do you want to take out a personal loan? As soon as you search for information on the internet, you will soon discover that there are many different providers. This may make it difficult to choose. Moreover, it depends on your personal situation and preferences which loan is the most advantageous for you. That is why it is advisable to compare the different providers of a personal loan with each other in terms of interest, duration and conditions. You can easily do this online so that you immediately know which loan is best for you.

If you can, transfer your personal loan

The fact that the interest and term are fixed in advance can be beneficial for your loan. However, it is also possible that the interest rate will fall during the term of your loan. In that case you are of course disadvantageous. Sometimes it is therefore more advantageous to switch your loan. You actually take out a new loan to pay off your current one. This is possible in some cases with the same provider or just with someone else. Often you have to pay a fine. In general, however, this fine is not that much and even if you pay it, it’s sometimes even cheaper to switch your loan.